Handheld aluminum foil balloons are designed with Christmas-style patterns and colors, creating a festive highlight and adding to the joyful atmosphere. High quality prints, many Christmas designs are often updated according to the latest trends.

Christmas iPhone Phone Case with lovely cartoon patterns, suitable for many iPhone models. High quality TPU plastic material, many colors to choose from. High quality prints, youthful and stylish design.

Copper wire LED Christmas lights - creative choice for versatile and warm decoration. With a size of 1-2 meters, battery operated, this product is the perfect highlight for the Christmas tree. A set of decorative LED String Lights includes 1 string light (battery included).

Pine Flower Christmas Electronic Candles bring an atmosphere filled with love and warmth during the Christmas season. With delicate white plastic material and compact size, the candle uses convenient button batteries.

Wireless recording microphone K8 - K9 is super compact, professional, can record loud and clear sound within a distance of 20m. Suitable for livestream, video recording, vlogging, TikTok. Highly sensitive capture, good anti-rear, noise reduction, compact design, convenient to carry anywhere.

TWS X15 wireless Bluetooth gaming headset with microphone, uses Bluetooth V5.0 technology to ensure stable connection and clear sound. Waterproof design with built-in battery, ensuring long-term use after each charge.

RGB Tet decorative LED string lights with 16 million colors, combined with advanced sound sensors, flash according to the music, creating vivid effects and accurately reflecting the music speed. Able to connect to the app and have a remote so you can easily control it remotely, change colors and flashing modes.

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